Writing Your CV For A Better Career: Tips And Guides

Writing Your CV For A Better Career: Tips And Guides

Curriculum vitae or many referred to as a “CV,” is a detailed synopsis of your education, employment history, and skills. Your CV must be clear, easy to perceive and concise and should not contain any unnecessary information. Your Curriculum vitae is a personal marketing tool that you can use to promote yourself to recruiters. A CV is a known document that will give the recruiters a grasp of your professional history, abilities, and achievements. Ultimately, it should highlight why you’re the best candidate for the job. In this article, read on to find tips and guides on how to make an attention-grabbing CV.


The header of your CV is the first thing a potential employer will see, make sure to create a pleasant and lasting impression by including your full name and professional title. It is better to write a phonetical spelling of your name, especially if it is a bit tricky to pronounce, in doing so the recruiter can call your name with confidence and thus will create a professional connection between the two of you.


Your CV is a professional document; please do not include too much personal information such as your hobbies and religious affiliation doing so might deem you unprofessional and may hurt your chances of landing the job. Be on guard and protect yourself against identity theft, don’t include your social security number, license numbers, DEA number, tax ID, or date of birth. Multiple people will see your CV as it is forwarded to the recruitment team for their insight, giving too much away might lead to problems.


There is nothing more embarrassing than the recruiter finding misspelled words and other errors on your CV. Doing so may be interpreted as a lack of attention to details and carelessness. Be sure to read it carefully and examine the document multiple times doing so will decrease the possibility of any grammatical and spelling errors.


What makes you better than the other candidate? Make sure to include critical skills in your CV. Allot a section in which you list your skills that will be beneficial in landing the job. Keep it concise and clear. Where did you learn these skills? List the training that you have attended to establish credibility.


Skip those cute fonts and stick to the professional ones. Keep the format and font style simple and easy to read. Avoid messy composition and present your CV in an organized manner. Make it pleasant to look at and be sure it is easy to spot needed information.

CV writing may be tricky because sometimes we want to add as much as information that we can to impress employers, but we must keep in mind that a CV is a summary of your skills and not to showcase your entire career. It would be best if you always kept it short however make sure to leave an impression that its written by someone with adequate experience and a highly professional individual.

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