Joint Commission

Joint Commission

Adelphi Medical Staffing are in the process of acquiring Joint Commission Certification (HCSC).

About Joint Commission

About Joint Commission

A seal of approval from the Joint Commission is respected all around the country as a sign of excellence that demonstrates a company’s dedication to upholding the highest performance standards. About 21,000 healthcare organizations and programs in the US are accredited and certified by The Joint Commission, an independent, non-profit organization.

Benefits of Joint Commission Certification

A thorough assessment of a staffing company’s capacity to offer certified and competent staffing services is provided by a Health Care Staffing Services Certification from the Joint Commission. Adelphi Medical Staffing has shown the following by passing through the certification procedure for health care staffing services:

  •     •   Dedication to a higher level of service
  •     •   Proven structure and management framework for programs
  •     •   Excellent clinical treatment and staffing practices
  •     •   Community trust in the service’s reliability and safety
  • Here are a few publications that show Adelphi’s dedication to adhering to the Joint Commission’s standards.

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