Staying Refreshed And Healthy: Keeping Workplace Stress At Bay

Staying Refreshed And Healthy: Keeping Workplace Stress At Bay

These numbers don’t mean that we should give up on living healthy lives. Read on to know some guides to achieve a well-balanced lifestyle.

Stress has become a part of the day to day life of healthcare professionals: the long hours and other factors such as high stakes and emotionally draining situations. According to a study conducted by AMA and The Mayo Clinic, on an average, physicians work at around 10 hours more per week than the average population; thus they experience emotional exhaustion and stress at higher rates. The numbers were a staggering 43 % versus 24 % of the general population.


As a healthcare professional, it is tough to take control of your time, because emergencies can come anytime and you need to be there to respond when the need arises. However, when it is your rest day or your well-deserved day off, make sure to inform colleagues and staff that you are not to be disturbed unless during extreme emergencies. Your wellness


Making yourself a cup of tea, listening to your favorite band or even eating a snack that you like so much (do it in moderation please) is very important. Little pick me ups are small things that can improve your mood and build your resilience. Exercise every day, skipping the elevator to take the stairs will make a difference. Enjoying and doing simple things will make you emotionally healthy and will make your everyday routine more fun and refreshing.


Accept the truth that there will be mistakes. You are a human being, asking and expecting that everything will be perfect is unreasonable and impossible. Manage your perfectionism and accept the mistakes that you have made. Continue to strive for excellence and practice your craft. Move forward and continue to work toward this goal. Putting unnecessary stress on yourself will not just affect your professional life but your personal life as well. Your wellness like your patients is essential as well.


There is an old saying that “A problem shared is a problem halved.” Have a strong connection with someone at work. You can be each other’s support through tough times. Boosting each other will prove to be helpful in times of emotional pressure. Consider joining a support group or find yourself a therapist. These measures can prove to be efficient and helpful for stress management. If you are an individual who struggles in talking about the stress you feel because you’re uncomfortable and conscious of “showing weakness,” then this is all the more reason to find help. Learn to receive support rather than just always being the one who gives it away.


Consider spending some of your free time on leisure, do this to improve your well-being.  Leisure’s etymology was the Latin word “licere” which means “permission.” Most of the time, why many people do not have enough entertainment is that they are not permitting themselves to make the time to have fun and enjoy themselves, some even making excuses such as being busy and having better things to do. We must remember that having fun and taking care of ourselves is important and will reflect significantly on our professional lives. Always practice extreme self-care. As a healthcare professional, you may not have enough time to take care of your basic needs, and if you don’t, you may be susceptible to stress and be less effective on your duties.

Being aware of the triggers and aggressors of stress in your life and creating a concrete and reliable plan to manage and keep it at bay can help transform your work life better. Healthcare practitioners experience high levels of stress every day and may have fewer support resources at their disposals. Meditation, self-love, emotional and family support, and other forms of stress management are so important for healthcare professionals. Stress, according to Austrian stress research pioneer Hans Selye, is highly personal and will depend on the individual’s capacity to overcome and react to it. Just as staying active keeps your body healthy, there are a few measures you can do to prevent stress from taking hold on your mental and emotional health. Making sure that you are physically and mentally healthy is also vital to be called a prominent healthcare provider

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